In providing the best service to my clients, I have been offering to upgrade their websites to the contact management system, WordPress.  This will allow them to have complete control to upload and edit content from any computer or mobile device.   As of right now, the 101st Airborne  502 PIR WWII re-enacting group has decided to convert to this system.  The status at this point in time its on hold until the hosting client installs WordPress.

This past month I started to get involved with the Greensburg Art Club by operating as assistant animation instructor with classes.  I am looking forward to this program as it will allow students of animation to learn the fundamentals of this process without attending a major art school or college. I am also offering my services to the club by upgrading their website in to WordPress.

Recently, Adobe completed its 2011 beta testing of Adobe Muse, a website design program, that will allow the user to build a website without the use of HTML coding.  I gave this program a test ride with my 82nd Airbiorne 508 PIR WWII Living Historians website.  Some of the tools are similar to Adobe In-design and Illustrator. In order to improve this program, it would need an object alignment tools or a table tool.  Adobe Muse is a good tool for a graphic designer to build a simple website if do not want to use any code.  I am curious to see how Adobe will improve this product.